Stay Focused!

We are constantly evaluating cost saving business opportunities related to your ongoing business processes. The changing business climate demands that you grab these opportunities as they arise. There is a right time for everything, and NOW is the right time to take advantage of the Tools you have at your fingertips to increase margins and reduce costs. We can assist you in using the software to give you the edge you need to be successful!

Current Cost-Saving Opportunities:


•  Accounts Receivable Lockbox Cost/Benefit Analysis
•  Accounts Receivable Collections

Cycle Counting

•  Increase Inventory Turns
•  Improve Fill Rates
•  Reduce Annual Audit Costs
•  Identify and Dispose of Dead Stock

Inventory Management - Analyze Inventory Performance to:

•  Identify Slow Moving Items
•  Rotate Surplus Stock
•  Prepare for Disposition of Excess Stock
•  Determine what worked and didn't work in previous stocking and pricing strategies

Seasonal Purchasing

•  Identify Seasonal Items
•  Adjust Ordering Controls for Seasonal Items
•  Determine Promotional Items
•  Set Pricing Structure


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